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SHUT UP by captaincuttlefish

First off, I would like to say there is some promising talent on display here. There's an evident attention to detail, especially inside of the mouth where the wetness reflects the light quite well. However, there are some issues to iron out and some artistic habits to break from.
The first that I noticed was the obligatory reliance on black outlines. This may suit a graphic piece but when working with a more classic medium, it tends to give the impression that the artist can't express edges without hard lines.
The composition is okay as it nearly reaches all four edges. It's only 'okay' because the point of interest is centered in the dead center of the workspace. To fix this, I would have extended the neck and body out to the bottom right corner to convey a part of something bigger instead of a floating head in space.
The eye is humorous at first but ultimately detracts from a piece that looks like it was originally suppose to be a serious technical drawing.
All in all, keep painting Rowan. You're much better at it than you probably think you are.
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